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Academy Policies


100% Refund if you finished the program and you opened a consumer education business , funding business, tradeline business, Turo business, air bnb business, notary business, tax business and didn't make 1 dollar in either of those businesses, can show all articles of incorporation for those businesses and all bank statements showing they didn't make at least one 1 dollar under your name and business after taking the program. Also if you tried everything you were taught in the program and have proof no information worked successfully for you, then you will receive a full refund amount back.

Prior to starting this Course, you will sign a NDA Agreement along with the following: Right Of refund policy on website. The education we teaching may include Consumer Education and all things listed on what's included. In return, for the education above, you agree to pay fees as outlined.


Terms & Conditons
Refund Policy
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